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Ilot Gabriel


With over 10 years of experience in Rodrigues, India and Reunion Island holidays, we at Skyfly Travel & Tours consider ourselves to be experts in the field. We can help create the perfect bespoke holiday to meet all your dreams and expectations, be it a once in life time family holiday, your wedding, your honeymoon or a holiday for the Nature lovers..

We carefully select your lodging at stunning locations with excellent facilities and attentive service. Our staff experience in the organization of sightseeings on a regular basis, which will ensure the best advice to provide you both accurate and up to date information. Rest assured we will do everything possible to create an effortlessly stylish and well deserved holiday of a life time.

ilot Benitiers

There are two ways to participate in the dolphin in the south west of Mauritius. First it can be done on a catamaran. For those who want a cool and relaxing day on board a yacht is the ideal way to do so by against the dolphin catamaran has many limitations.
The most exciting to go to the dolphins in Mauritius is to do it by speed boat, or you put the odds on your side to approach the dolphins swim and power among them.
Boarding is at around 8.00 to 9.00 hrs. This can be either a Tamarin, Flic en Flac, the lessees, Black River and Le Morne. Depending on the option selected, you will board the catamaran or speed boat to go to the dolphins. After the encounter with the dolphins, our skippers will take you to places interesting for snorkeling near the reef followed by a BBQ lunch on the island on the catamaran.


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Exotix Travel Club Hotel
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Paradise Moon Club Hotel
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Destination Hotel Nights Price
Hawaii Golden Palace Hotel 7 $845
Thailand Green Fugal  Hotel 11 $758
Egypt Habar Grand Hotel 5 $645
Morocco Royal Plaza Hotel 7 $854
Tunissia Dlaban Shick Hotel 5 $754